Radon – Protect Your Family and the Next One

Radon – Protect Your Family and the Next One

  • Gregg Menell
  • 01/31/22
Radon is an odorless, radioactive gas that can cause cancer and is found in homes throughout the US. It comes from the natural breakdown of uranium soil, rock, and water and gets into the air you breathe. It can get into your home through cracks in the foundation. It can be easily mitigated. A home that did not have Radon when you bought it, can develop it over time, so it is recommended to have it retested periodically.

Recently, a friend told me that when she sold her home in Scarsdale a few years ago, her agent told her to keep her windows open during the radon test. This would ensure the house would not fail the test and the deal would not hit an obstacle. The Seller did not listen to the agent.
This is called FRAUD. While, in New York, a Seller is not required to disclose issues with a house, the Seller cannot actively conceal them. It is better to risk having to put in a mitigation system for a few thousand dollars to get the deal done, than risk being sued at a later date and, more importantly, putting an unwitting buyer at risk. Sellers, if your agents suggest you take actions to falsify your radon tests, you should report them to the local realty board. Remember, you were a buyer once too and perhaps they represented the seller at your peril.

For all Buyers, Sellers, and Homeowners, below are links to the EPA’s guides to Radon.

Buyers and Seller Guide

Citizens Guide

Consumers Guide

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