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Founder and Managing Broker J.D., Cardozo School of Law MBA, The Wharton School
Gregg, an attorney and graduate of The Wharton School of Business, is the Founder and CEO of Pendulum Property Group. Recognizing a sizable mismatch between the value delivered by agents in the marketplace and the compensation received, Gregg founded Pendulum to “Swing the Power” to buyers and sellers by delivering better service, insight and value. 
The son of a Scarsdale real estate broker, Gregg was amazed to learn that the antiquated model in which his mother participated in the 80s hadn’t changed much when he returned to Westchester to raise his family. Despite the tools and information available on the Internet, the efficiencies the market created had not flowed to the consumers like in many other industries. Additionally, Gregg witnessed firsthand, during his own home search, agents putting their interests before his. 
Having built and managed a global client service organization for a fortune 500 company, Gregg knew what “good” looked like and knew there was an opportunity to raise the bar in the Westchester Real Estate Market. He formed Pendulum Property Group to do just that. 
To quote one client, “Pendulum is the Goldman Sachs of Westchester Real Estate. ”Gregg does not “sell” his clients. He is their real estate consultant. Gregg believes that quality data drives good decisions for both Sellers and Buyers and supplies his clients with curated insight (not just a few comps) to support their decision-making. 
For Sellers, Gregg’s goal is to help maximize the home’s value while executing an effective and smooth sales process. In addition to delivering a comprehensive pricing strategy, updated continuously to reflect market changes, Gregg, with the help of professional stagers, identifies “high impact” improvements the Sellers can make to increase their home’s marketability. Then, by charging his clients less than the competition, Gregg enables his clients to afford many of these improvements, the execution of which Gregg oversees, at no additional cost for his time. The impact of these efforts can be seen in most of Gregg’s listings. 
For Buyers, once a property is identified, Gregg’s goal is to ensure his clients are well informed. In addition to providing a wealth of data, whether on a town, neighborhood, house or entire building or complex, Gregg spends showings pointing out “less favorable” features of a home in order to provide a balanced view for his clients. Gregg would rather his clients “not buy a home” than “buy the wrong home.” In order to help his clients increase their buying power and improve their chances of success in a competitive market, Gregg shares his commission with his clients.
Gregg is extremely knowledgeable about the Westchester housing market, having grown up in Scarsdale. He also has a deep understanding of mortgage products, and created an online channel for a NYC mortgage brokerage in the 1990s. Gregg has 20+ years of business experience, including 10 years at a Fortune 500 Company working in product management, marketing and business strategy.

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